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Welcome to Agostino Saval’s Loyalty Program – where luxurious fashion meets incredible rewards! Our loyalty program is an unparalleled experience, created to express our appreciation for your continuous patronage. You will find exclusive discounts tailored to your personal taste, granting you access to our exclusive VIP area and a host of exclusive presents and experiences.

How It Works:

  1. Joining the Program: Every new customer who registers an account at Agostino Saval is automatically enrolled in our loyalty program with the Bronze membership. You’re already on your way to amazing rewards!
  2. Earning Loyalty Points: As you shop our luxurious selection and indulge in some of the finest fashion, you’ll earn loyalty points for each purchase. But that’s not all – you can also earn points by reviewing the products you’ve purchased or by referring friends and family to discover Agostino Saval.
  3. Climb the Tiers: Your loyalty points unlock access to higher membership tiers, each offering a new level of prestige and benefits. The more points you earn, the closer you get to Silver, Gold, and even Platinum status. Elevate your shopping experience with each tier and enjoy an array of exclusive perks.
  4. Membership Tiers and Benefits:
    • Bronze:
      • Automatic enrollment for new customers
      • Points for purchases, reviews, and referrals
      • 5% discount on all items
      • Up to 15% discount on select items
      • Extra discount on select items
      • Exclusive access to new arrivals and promotions
    • Silver:
      • Achieved at 100 points
      • All Bronze benefits, plus:
      • 7.5% discount on all items
      • Up to 20% discount on select items
      • Extra discount on select items
      • Early access to sales and events
    • Gold:
      • Achieved at 250 points
      • All Silver benefits, plus:
      • 10% discount on all items
      • Up to 25% discount on select items
      • Extra discount on select items
      • Birthday bonus
      • Personalized fashion recommendations
    • Platinum:
      • Achieved at 500 points
      • All Gold benefits, plus:
      • 12.5% discount on all items
      • Up to 30% discount on select items
      • Extra discount on select items
      • Free express shipping
      • VIP access to exclusive collections

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For any inquiries or assistance regarding our loyalty program, feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer support team at [email protected].

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